Walking In Winter

There’s a deep sense of survival that seeps into the bones during winter. There’s this look in peoples’ eyes that says: I’m not actually here. I’m hidden away, waiting for the spring thaw.

Praising Him More Than Christmas Candles

How often do those things remind me of Him? If I compare that to how often I turn to spend time with those things instead of Him the embarrassed blush gets a lot brighter. *raises hand* Yep. A lot. Still guilty.

college studying tips in december

3 Tips For Studying in December

I hear ya. It is so difficult to focus on studying when there are so many festivities to participate in (Christmas markets, Christmas shopping, Christmas movie marathon watching, Christmas everything, etc.)!

Weekend Trip To London

Weekend Trip To London

This weekend I went to London with these wonderful girls, Ros and Viki, and some friends of ours from church. Having previously visited most of the touristy places I had wanted to go on our last London trip in June of 2015, we focused on spending more time in certain places instead of traveling to …

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