I Am Still Learning

Getting It Wrong (I Am Still Learning – Part Two)

We don’t want to learn. We want to file away someone’s insight, like a quote on an index card in our minds. We don’t want to have to know it to be true by forging each letter ourselves in the fires of failure. Getting it wrong.

The 4th of July

Looking For Bittersweet Fireworks

I debated this entire blog post. Honestly, because I thought it would be just a little too honest and a little too close to home. But I realized that the 4th of July is upon us and in the same second I realized I haven’t written a blog post in a long time.

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When Location Isn’t Everything

That concept of who I could be was appealing, and I soaked it in every time. I crossed oceans, ate different foods, took weekend trips to Italy, and stood in skyscrapers in London.
Now that they don’t readily apply anymore, it feels kind of strange, because I think I let myself believe that it was all of those things that made me special or interesting.