Books For Those Who Love Books

To those who love reading books about magical books, this one is for you. These make the ordinary books lined up on my shelves seem all the more mysterious and full of magic.

Top Books I Read In 2018

Since 30 books happens to be quite a few and I wasn’t able to write a separate review for each of them, I wanted to give you a recap on some of my favorite books in 2018.

Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak

Bridge of Clay is about life, grief, art, and love. A secret is unburied. A bridge gets built. I once complained that those elements in the book’s synopsis didn’t give me much to go on when I cracked it open. But I quickly learned it was best that way.

Top Five Books That Made Me Cry

I consider it a major accomplishment when a book manages to bring tears to my eyes. I think of it as a good thing. A very good thing, for that matter, because it means the writer got me to care deeply about the characters