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When Location Isn’t Everything

That concept of who I could be was appealing, and I soaked it in every time. I crossed oceans, ate different foods, took weekend trips to Italy, and stood in skyscrapers in London.
Now that they don’t readily apply anymore, it feels kind of strange, because I think I let myself believe that it was all of those things that made me special or interesting.

Praising Him More Than Christmas Candles

How often do those things remind me of Him? If I compare that to how often I turn to spend time with those things instead of Him the embarrassed blush gets a lot brighter. *raises hand* Yep. A lot. Still guilty.

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It’s A Shame About The Past

It happens occasionally doesn’t it? The past creeps up on you and the enemy uses it to remind us of how ashamed we should feel and how condemned and unworthy we are. Let me just say two things. One: Those are LIES.

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Snapshot of Life

Hi there, it’s Madeleine. I had a bit of an interesting morning yesterday, and just figured I’d write out what happened and my mini revelation here. First: I forgot to supervise the coffee machine after I flipped it on, and as a result I looked up from my mountain of laundry to find a coffee …

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What Do You Want Me to Do For You?

What Do You Want Me To Do For You?

Jesus asking questions creates some of my favorite bits of scripture, partly because the concept makes me smile. Jesus? Asking questions? It just sounds funny, because He’s Jesus. What could He possibly want to know that He doesn’t already? But I think that’s the point.

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Walking On Water

I am finally back at my computer. It seems like I’ve been away a lot longer than two weeks, but perhaps that’s because I hadn’t touched my computer at all for most of that time, which was strange after so much time