What Do You Want Me to Do For You?

What Do You Want Me To Do For You?

Jesus asking questions creates some of my favorite bits of scripture, partly because the concept makes me smile. Jesus? Asking questions? It just sounds funny, because He’s Jesus. What could He possibly want to know that He doesn’t already? But I think that’s the point.

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Walking On Water

I am finally back at my computer. It seems like I’ve been away a lot longer than two weeks, but perhaps that’s because I hadn’t touched my computer at all for most of that time, which was strange after so much time

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Pursuing Contentment

In all honesty, I’m finding it really difficult to be content where I am at the moment. Laziness and lethargy all too easily creep into my mindset along with the knowledge that, “I really should be studying right now.” And that gets me daydreaming

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And My Song Shall Ever Be

Happy Thursday. This is the third time I’ve woken up in my new house. My family just moved about twenty minutes away to Clyde from Waynesville where we originally arrived in North Carolina, and so far I’ve discovered there’s little that’s better than sitting with my morning cup of coffee in front of glass doors …

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