Delectables: Round One on The Salt Compass Blog

Delectables: Round #1

Delectables: Cherry-Picked for Wonder and Revitalization. Soul Food and Spa. A Breath of Fresh Air with vitamins and other thought-provoking nourishment.

Lemon soap bubbles just silently pop and drain away in the bottom of the kitchen sink.

Autumn Without The Word “Orange”

The sunsets, like countertop candles, begin to burn in melted colors. And with every dawn the world holds its breath, wondering if sleepy eyes will be greeted by winter’s grey cloak or if the trees have remained blushing for one day more.

Red Sneakers

Color: Strawberry, Raspberry, & Cranberry

Today was a ‘Berry’ day in terms of color on the side of the spectrum that makes up pretty shades of pink and red. This is specifically referring to what I happened to be wearing and/or accessories I got, and I didn’t realize they were all so similar until later.

Salt Compass Background

Forget Me Not

For some reason I have never known the name of my favourite flower. Weird, I know. It’s come up before over the years, when someone will ask what my favourite is and I’d have to say I didn’t know. And after said conversation I would always resolve to look it up online as soon as …

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