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Why Are Coffee Shops A Lot Like Church?

Measuring My Life In Coffee Spoons

My favorite coffee shops have an atmosphere that I think church was intended to have. It feels like a place God would hang out at a lot, a Central Perk I would find Him sitting in if He had some spare time or wanted to cross paths with His friends.

Coffee Shop Tourist: Sheffield

During the time I spent in Sheffield a week or so ago, I got to visit three different coffee shops. They were so fun and aesthetically pleasing that I had to share photos with y’all.

Baffled Coffee Shop Tourist

Coffee Shop Tourist: Baffled

I have found my new favorite coffee shop to write in y’all. I’ve always loved the idea of sitting in a cute, local coffee shop for hours and hours to write with a floppy notebook and a hot drink, clicking away on a laptop keyboard occasionally. It sounds fun and