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Why Are Coffee Shops A Lot Like Church?

Measuring My Life In Coffee Spoons

My favorite coffee shops have an atmosphere that I think church was intended to have. It feels like a place God would hang out at a lot, a Central Perk I would find Him sitting in if He had some spare time or wanted to cross paths with His friends.

Coffee Shop Tourist: Sheffield

During the time I spent in Sheffield a week or so ago, I got to visit three different coffee shops. They were so fun and aesthetically pleasing that I had to share photos with y’all.

Delight Ministries: Published in Volume 5 (Madeleine Hagan)

Delight Ministries: Published in Volume 5

Back in January I announced that a short story/testimony of mine about pursuing contentment in the messy bits of life was published in one of Delight Ministries’ devotional volumes (SO CRAZY COOL), and loads of you have asked about when it will be available in the Delight shop for you to read. I finally have an update!

The 4th of July

Looking For Bittersweet Fireworks

I debated this entire blog post. Honestly, because I thought it would be just a little too honest and a little too close to home. But I realized that the 4th of July is upon us and in the same second I realized I haven’t written a blog post in a long time.