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Because It Was Wednesday

So I’d been back home in North Carolina for a few days when I finally did it. The idea of coloring my hair had been in the back of my mind for maybe a few years now and that fact had started to bug me a little. Why couldn’t I just do it?


Traveling: The Day Of

Here are a few quick tips I’ve gathered from my own traveling adventures, these in particular make my day of traveling go as easily as possible: 1. Get up on time. Of all the days to hit ‘snooze’ and go right back to sleep, this certainly is not one of them.


Traveling: 3 Prep Tips

After traveling very recently to come back home for spring break, I thought I would list my top 3 tips concerning international travel preparation. This runs parallel to the post I did recently about packing specifically.


Traveling: 3 Packing Tips

Due to traveling quite a bit lately, I can now list a few things that have helped make that process go a lot smoother. Here are a few tips when it comes to packing: 1. Basics first. Before you start going through clothes, accessories, gadgets, and miscellaneous items

Red Sneakers

Color: Strawberry, Raspberry, & Cranberry

Today was a ‘Berry’ day in terms of color on the side of the spectrum that makes up pretty shades of pink and red. This is specifically referring to what I happened to be wearing and/or accessories I got, and I didn’t realize they were all so similar until later.

Write Notebooks

The Advice Every Writer Gets

Over and over again I have seen a common piece of advice often given to beginning writers. WRITE. You’d think this would be obvious. Isn’t that why writers are called writers? Because they write? *gasp* What a breakthrough.

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Humanity…Not Today

I really enjoy a nice warm cup of tea in the evenings now (I blame England). And because of this, one thing after another has led me to discover I am a very easily distracted person as well as the fact that I just avoid humanity sometimes.

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Forget Me Not

For some reason I have never known the name of my favourite flower. Weird, I know. It’s come up before over the years, when someone will ask what my favourite is and I’d have to say I didn’t know. And after said conversation I would always resolve to look it up online as soon as …

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