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The Salt Compass Madeleine Hagan

Pursuing Contentment

In all honesty, I’m finding it really difficult to be content where I am at the moment. Laziness and lethargy all too easily creep into my mindset along with the knowledge that, “I really should be studying right now.” And that gets me daydreaming

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And My Song Shall Ever Be

Happy Thursday. This is the third time I’ve woken up in my new house. My family just moved about twenty minutes away to Clyde from Waynesville where we originally arrived in North Carolina, and so far I’ve discovered there’s little that’s better than sitting with my morning cup of coffee in front of glass doors …

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what is love

What Is Love?

I have to admit, sometimes the state of the hearts and minds around me in the world discourages me. A few weeks ago we were doing an exercise in our script writing class about themes. It was close to the deadline for our submission and we had to go around and summarize our project in …

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