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Delectables: Round #1

DELECTABLES: Cherry-Picked for Wonder and Revitalization. Soul Food and Spa. A Breath of Fresh Air with vitamins and other thought-provoking nourishment.

This begins a new series I’m calling Delectables. They are a collection of what I am absolutely loving right now. Bookmarks I’ve saved in the notes on my phone. Random blog posts I’ve stumbled upon that made my day brighter. Music that echoes my own heart. Books I’ve recently finished. And more!

I wanted to pass these along to you in the hopes that they uplift and refresh you like they did for me. So without further introduction, here are this month’s delectables:

1. Emily Dickinson Poem

Tell The Truth But Tell It Slant by Emily Dickinson

Does this need an explanation? It’s wondrous. It says it so well. I want to put this on my wall and stare at it whenever I doubt the importance of storytelling.

2. Delightful Shiver (Part One and Part Two) – Andrew Peterson / Lanier Ivester (Hutchmoot Podcast)

This is part one and two of a Hutchmoot recording where Andrew Peterson and Lanier Ivester talk about appreciating good ghost stories. While it’s not my favorite type of book to read, there was so much that he explained about humanity, the supernatural, and what makes certain things so haunting. Highly recommend listening to both of these episodes. They are both such wonderful storytellers and there are many laughs to be had. (Spotify links are below. If you don’t have a Spotify account these are available in the Apple Podcast app as well if you search for the Hutchmoot Podcast.)

Part One:

Part Two:

3. The One Thing You Need To Write A Book – Hannah Brencher

I opened up this blog post for the same reason I open up many. I’m looking for a shortcut. I’m looking for the secret ingredient that will make finishing a book instantly easier and simultaneously fantastic. And of course, what Hannah Brencher delivers is much better. Stories of personal experience, and a loving kick in the right direction that goes something like, “Sit. Down. And. Write. No. Excuses.” It’s wonderful. Give it a read.

4. Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott

What wonderful encouragement for writers this book is. I found her writing so relatable and laugh out loud funny on many occasions. She also has really practical suggestions for getting past writer’s block, and, well, life in general. After I finished this book I immediately found two others written by her at my local library.

Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from Lamott’s book Bird By Bird:

“A critic is someone who comes onto the battlefield after the battle is over and shoots the wounded.”

“You don’t always have to chop with the sword of truth. You can point with it too.”

“‘Watch her carefully right now, because she’s teaching you how to live.’ I remind myself of this when I cannot get any work done: to live as if I’m dying, because the truth is we are all terminal on this bus.”

Anne Lamott Quote

5. The Power of Storytelling – Rabbit Room Blog Post

A blog post written about Madeleine L’Engle, C.S. Lewis, and storytelling. What’s not to love?

“The greatest story of all is this: The beautiful world is broken, but it will not always be so.”

6. House on a Hill album by Amanda Lindsey Cook

House on a Hill by Amanda Cook

Do yourself a monumental favor and set aside time to lay on your back with your headphones on and closed eyes and listen to every single word in this album. It is a wondrous breath of fresh air that draws from a deep, deep well of wisdom and worship. I play this album non-stop in my car right now. Enjoy.

7. Walking On Water by Madeleine L’Engle

This book is a collection of reflections on faith and art. I think cosmos among chaos is what I will remember the most from this book. I’m still turning that concept over and over in my mind. How true it is that the art that speaks to us most, that beckons us forward and points us toward something we cannot fully name, that is the cosmos scattered among so much chaos. The meaning. The purpose. The design. I love love love that.

It’s not a long book, but it took me a long time to read because there’s plenty to think about and chew on with each chapter.

8. Tethered by Phil Wickham

Tethered by Phil Wickham

This one of the most gorgeous songs I’ve ever heard. Everything about it. It’s like it formed words to a worship melody I’ve been humming for years without knowing. The first time I heard it I sat on my bedroom floor and sobbed. I couldn’t share it with anyone for several weeks because it was too beautiful and too perfect. It’s been over a month now, so I suppose I can share it with you all now. The words are beyond stunning. Be careful with it. Savor it. Dance in it. It is precious to more than just me.


“I just want my life
to forever be entwined with you
tethered to your heart.
I just want my soul
to ever stand in awe of you
tethered to your heart.”

-Phil Wickham

Thanks For Stopping By The Salt Compass: Madeleine Hagan

Delectables: Round One on The Salt Compass Blog


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