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During the time I spent in Sheffield a week or so ago, I got to visit three different coffee shops. For those of you who have been reading along for a while now, you know that I am absolutely enamored by cozy and cute coffee shops, and I am always up for discovering new ones to add to my coffee shop tourist collection.

Viki, having lived in the city for a while now, knew all the Sheffield coffee shops I’d like best so we scheduled our days in Sheffield carefully, providing plenty of time in each.

They were so fun and aesthetically pleasing that I had to share photos with y’all, so without further ado, here are each of the three Sheffield coffee shops I visited during my time there. (These are listed in the order that I visited them.)

Sheffield Coffee Shop #1: The Depot

Sheffield Coffee Shop: The Depot Bakerydepot-2

How cute is this place?! It’s black and white with random pops of bright yellow and dark green. It wasn’t too big and loud or too small and cramped. I ended up spending at least 4 hours in here, working on a previous blog post (Still Praying For Safety?) and some web design work and I could’ve easily stayed longer. I ordered an iced mocha while I was here and it was cold and full of chocolate that was perfect prep for a workday.

Sheffield Coffee Shop: The Depot Bakery



Sheffield Coffee Shop #2: Ink and Water

Sheffield Coffee Shop: Ink and Waterink-2

I visited The Depot Bakery and Ink and Water in the same day since I had a little bit more work to do when The Depot Bakery closed. So we hopped over to Ink and Water! I had seen Viki post pictures in this coffee shop so many times and told her I HAD to visit, and it was exactly like I envisioned. Like the Depot, it was primarily black and white, with rustic wooden accents and exposed light bulbs strung along the corners and windows. I really liked the second floor too because the big windows let so much light in, making all the table spaces brighter.

I got an iced vanilla latte here and it was exactly like a vanilla latte should be: strong and sweet. If I get a chance, I might go back and see what a plain coffee would be like, because the flavor in the latte was really good quality.



Sheffield Coffee Shop #3: Roco

Sheffield Coffee Shop: Roco Creative Co-Oproco-2

How gorgeous is this the color-scheme of this coffee shop?! It’s lots of neutral tones, little splashes of dark green, random brick walls, and rose gold/copper accents. A-MAZ-ING. We went to this Sheffield coffee shop a few days after visiting the first two and ordered iced vanilla lattes while chatting about life. We also explored Roco’s rooftop terrace which had all these pretty green plants around the benches. While that would’ve been a really pretty place to sit, the lack of shade from the hot sun had us going back inside a few minutes later.

I loved the amount of brick, plants, and rustic accents in this coffee shop. Roco also happened to be the largest Sheffield coffee shop I visited, yet since we were there in the morning, not very many customers were there yet. So the entire place was spacious and relatively quiet, making it an ideal hang out spot. If I could pick up Roco and plop it back down in my town I would go write there all the time.



Suffice it to say that we recovered from jet lag in style, with plenty of amazing coffee and some of the cutest coffee shops in Sheffield. I’m pretty sad that I can’t visit these places on a regular basis, but at least I know which places to go whenever I happen to be back in Sheffield!

Madeleine Hagan: The Salt Compass Blog

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