A Day Trip to York

Day Trip To York

This past week I arrived back in the UK (woot woot!) and got to visit a few places for the first time before I made my way back to Portsmouth including Sheffield and York! There’s a coffee shop tourist post in the works for Sheffield, but first I wanted to share a few photos from the day trip that Viki and I took to York.

Day Trip to York

We got a train from Sheffield and as soon as we arrived in York we headed straight for a lunch spot at Spark. Our options included burgers, chicken, pizza, coffee, and plenty of others, but we ended up with pizza and a few lattes.

Day Trip to YorkIMG_5907ADay Trip to York

After lunch we walked around with no plan whatsoever. I really like exploring new cities without set times to be places and that day was exactly that. So here are a few different photos from places we walked past.

A Day Trip to YorkIMG_5883IMG_5909

We got to walk around the walls of the city itself and then someone recommended a gelato shop and I LOVED the sound of that. I would pass along their recommendation any day. Particularly some caramel or mango gelato.

A Day in York, England in a gelato shopIMG_5894IMG_5906

Thankfully, it didn’t rain at all during the day (somewhat surprising for England) so we didn’t have to trudge through yucky weather all day. It was sunny and a bit too warm for long sleeves actually.

Day Trip to York

Also, for all my fellow Harry Potter fans, I did get to see the street that inspired Diagon Alley (Shambles), and I visited two out of the three Harry Potter shops. Very very cool.

All in all, I thought York was a really pretty place to wander around, and I would have loved hanging out longer if my feet weren’t killing me by the end of the day. I loved that it was just a 45 minute train journey away from Sheffield as well.


Thanks For Stopping By The Salt Compass: Madeleine Hagan

York 1

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