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Sticky Notes For 20 Somethings

I have a habit of putting sticky notes all over the place. (Notebooks, walls, doors, etc.) Sometimes they are goofy, sometimes they are song lyrics I love, and sometimes they are a polite wake-up call when I’ve forgotten some important things. Some of these notes have been given to me by very wise friends, and others I’ve figured out myself along the way. So for the other 20 somethings reading this I figured I’d share. Here is a quick list of things my 20 something year old self needs to remember on a daily basis:

1.      Life is going to throw curveballs.

Roll. With. It. It’s not always going to turn out like you planned. Look for the gold in it anyway and embrace new opportunities.

2.     It’s okay to improvise.

3.     Pain shouldn’t be paid forward. Be the one that breaks that pattern.

4.     Discontentment will show itself if it’s there.

If discontent has reached the surface, then your sense of purpose has been collecting dust deep down.

5.     Having zero confidence and self-esteem is not a cute sweater to parade around in.

It’s more like a nasty cough that keeps people at arm’s length. Don’t force the people around you to be your tissue boxes when they want to be your friends.

6.     People always like being told how great they are.

For some reason this world has turned “being kind” into being awkward and made criticism “king”. Get that mumbo jumbo outta here. Criticism is only welcome if they know how much you love them FIRST, but kindness has no pre-requisites. Don’t make up excuses not to compliment someone.

7.      If you run out of conversation topics, ask questions.

Take genuine interest in the lives of those around you. There’s plenty to talk about.

8.     There’s enough people using their voice and influence to tear things down.

You don’t always have to be sunshine and butterflies, but an attitude of thankfulness comes when you highlight what you love more than you complain about what you dislike.

9.     Don’t always take the lazy way out and avoid pressure. It makes you stronger.

10.   Embarrassing yourself happens, but don’t set up camp there.

Learn to laugh about it. The faster you move on, the less regrets you’ll have and the more lessons you will get to look back on.


An inability to celebrate someone else’s successes reveals some things are out of alignment in you, because cheering each other on is an essential part of life together. Don’t let jealousy take up any space. It has no place in you.

Sticky Notes For 20 Somethings


12.   When you’re having a bad day, remember we know the end of the story.

Spoiler alert: The Book says our King wins.

13.   Dream big, but manage your expectations about the process.

Don’t hate your current reality on the way there.

14.   The journey is only worth it if your destination is God-directed.

Keep Him your true North and there will be less doubts and hesitations in your decision-making regarding your purpose and direction. 

15.      Work. Hard.

Do not complain about your life situation if you are sleeping the day away. Get up. Work hard. Day after day after day. Start good habits and stick with them. It will pay off.

16.     No matter what they say, no one has it all figured out.

You are your own worst critic. SO much changes in this decade so don’t go comparing yourself to other 20 somethings. Take it one day at a time.

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Sticky Notes For 20 Somethings


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