Winter Wonderland: First Snow Day in North Carolina

Due to college overseas, I had never been home for a snow in North Carolina since my family moved here in 2014, but that all changed a couple weeks ago!

This time I was home and got to properly enjoy over ten inches of snow!


My backyard looked completely different (it went completely winter wonderland on me) I almost didn’t want to disturb the perfect snow…almost.

Snow Day in NC
J seemed quite content to sit and eat all of it.

We managed to spend most of the afternoon sledding on the hill behind the creek (sorry I didn’t bring a camera with me for that part cause snow was getting EVERYWHERE), and then after we were too tired to climb the hills anymore, we took a walk down to our mailbox.

Snow Day in NC

Looking back up the road we walked down was absolutely stunning. The snow made everything look like a postcard.

Snow Day in NC

Bella enjoyed herself too of course (oh, don’t eat the yellow snow).

Snow Day in NC

We didn’t get around to making a snowman this time, as most of it melted away in about a week, but I’m sure we will when the next snowfall gets here.

Which I’m wishing was now. Or maybe Christmas morning. That’d be kinda magical.


It melted really fast on the driveway.


Until next time, Snow!

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland (My First Snow Day in North Carolina)


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