“since the moment He created you”

It’s been a little while since I posted some fresh writing on here, so that’s what this week’s blog post is going to consist of. You might have already read it on my Instagram a few days ago but I just couldn’t help posting it here too!

|| Poem ||

what if you realized: God has been waiting for this since the moment He created you?

He’s set up today as your stage.

He’s hoping you know this.

Hoping you don’t pull the curtains shut.

Hoping you don’t climb down to sit with the audience on the sidelines.

Not today.

He’s hoping you see each day as THE day.

The day to put it all on the line.

To trust He’s beckoning you on.

To believe you belong in the colored lights He shines on you.

Now is your element,

your essential contribution,

what if you said yes?

To the invitation.

To purpose.

To showing up.

To coming alive.

To wearing the smile He crowned you with.

To setting foot on the earth and watching the ground beneath you quake.

what if you realized: He’s been waiting for today since the moment you were made?

That perhaps this,

this was the moment,

for which you were created.

To seize.

To thrive.

To spark.

To be the masterpiece God has been waiting to unfold since the dawn of the world.


Madeleine Hagan: The Salt Compass Blog

What if you realized God has been waiting for this since the moment He created you?


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