Fall Decor Ideas: Daisies

10 Fall Décor Ideas That Aren’t Pumpkins

I have nothing against little orange pumpkins. They start showing up near the entrances to most stores, and I get all excited that autumn has officially arrived. Including these in any fall decorating going on at my house automatically makes September that much more awesome. I also really like the little white ones, or the green ones even, that are sold too, because it gives a little variety to the look rather than just solid blocks of orange everywhere.

And speaking of variety, here is a list of ten fall décor ideas that aren’t pumpkins, just to shake things up a little.

  1. Daisies in fall colors.

    These can be in yellow, red, peach, or white but they really look nice next to pumpkins. Fall Decor Ideas: Daisies

  2. Peppers and other gourds.

    To keep the pumpkins company of course.

  3. Apples

    apples fall decor
    Image Credit: Pinterest
  4. Burlap

    A really pretty accent that can be super subtle but really pretty.

  5. Baskets

    These can hold anything from mini pumpkins to acorns, corn, leaves, or flowers.

  6. Corn

    Fall Decor Ideas: Corn
    Image Credit: Pinterest
  7. Chrysanthemums

    In any and all autumnal colors. Especially that pretty dark purple.

  8. Pinecones (if these don’t scream “Fall Décor” I don’t know what does)

    Fall Decor Ideas: Pinecones
    Image Credit: Pinterest
  9. Acorns

    Fall Decor Ideas: Acorns
    Image Credit: Pinterest
  10. Fluffy blankets (everything looks cozier).

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Happy decorating!

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Fall Decor Ideas (That Aren't Just Pumpkins)

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