Top Places I Visited In Oxford

Top Places I Visited In Oxford

I finally got around to visiting Oxford for the day! Here are a few favorite places I went on that trip (click any of the photos below to look closer).

1. The Eagle and Child Pub

the eagle and child oxford day trip visit travel the salt compass

As this is the place some of my favorite writers often spent their time, I wanted to stop by for lunch. Definitely didn’t regret it! There’s so many quotes, photos and maps related to Lord of the Rings and Narnia throughout the place that makes it a place you don’t want to miss.


2. The Bodleian Library

Bodleian library oxford day trip travel the salt compassOxford7

3. The Ashmolean Museum

the ashmolean museum the salt compass oxford england day trip plavces to visitOxford2

4. Botanic Garden

This particular garden was really beautiful. I can only imagine what it looks like in the summer!

I took a few more photos just as I was walking around all afternoon that don’t really fit into just one category so I’ve put in them all in a slide show here at the bottom. Some are completely random photos of pubs that just looked really cool, others are random mazes with beautiful buildings in the background. All in all a really pretty city.

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