5 Winter “Lazy” Day Essentials

After a rather crazy week I decided that Friday would be the perfect day to just take a break from busyness and do nothing for an entire day. So here is a little list of my favorite five necessities for a successful day of nothing (winter edition).

  1. Sleep in

That’s right. I didn’t set my alarm for once. This girl likes to sleep okay. I think I got a full 10 hours.

Thoughts From A Sleepy Student Before Sunrise

  1. Pajamas and fluffy socks

Yep. Sometimes you just have to stay in pajamas all day. I’m convinced it’s good for the soul. And I practically live in fluffy socks every second of winter so “nothing” days aren’t going to be the exception. We’re going for maximum comfy level here. Pull on a big sweater put your hair up. (Seriously though, don’t forget the socks.)

winter lazy day sweaters comfy

  1. Put on a relaxing playlist

I like having super relaxing music playing in the background on lazy days. Think “banana pancakes” type music. I pulled on my socks as I got out of bed and made coffee downstairs to that song and let me just say it sets the tone for the entire morning so well!

banana pancakes lyrics winter lazy day

  1. Light at least one yummy-scented candle in your room

This is pretty self-explanatory. Especially since it’s winter, I find my room seems a lot cozier when I’ve got little candles flickering all day. Plus, they make whichever room you’re spending your time in smell awesome.

winter candy apple bath and body works candle lazy day
Almost finished with this little Winter Candy Apple one.
  1. Catch up on a favorite TV show/book


I’m currently loving Elementary and um yes, I watched a rather large number of episodes yesterday. It’s just really well written y’all. The characters are so good and there’s a turtle named Clyde. I’m also currently reading a book called Without Rival by Lisa Bevere, and I’m trying to read it super slow so that all the great things she says on each page have time to sink in.

without rival lisa bevere reading winter lazy day

That’s it! Nothing else was done. No deadline progress, no to-do lists. No emails. And definitely no early morning alarms. A day off is just required sometimes y’all.

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