Baffled Coffee Shop Tourist

Coffee Shop Tourist: Baffled

I have found my new favorite coffee shop to write in y’all.

I’ve always loved the idea of sitting in a cute, local coffee shop for hours and hours to write with a floppy notebook and a hot drink, clicking away on a laptop keyboard occasionally. It sounds fun and motivating, and in theory I would get loads of work done and line up several weeks’ worth of blog posts so that I have them all written out in advance with absolutely no stress. I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want to be one of those people.

But honestly, most of the time I can’t convince myself to get out of my pajamas to write, let alone leave the house. Because if I think about it, I have to get ready and pack up my notebook and/or laptop (and if I bring my laptop then I have to bring a charger as well cause battery life is 100% NOT immortal), and then I have to walk to the nearest coffee shop (which in the past has been at least 20 mins away) which is 98% unlikely if I look out the window and see it’s raining.

It’s just so much easier to cozy up with a tea or coffee and fluffy socks and write all my coursework and blog posts that way.


This has changed since I have discovered a much closer coffee shop to where I live this year.

I have several favorite coffee shops all over Portsmouth, (I’m working on writing up a post like this for each of them), this particular post is focusing on why it’s my favorite to write in. Primarily, location location location.

So Portsmouth friends, allow me to introduce…Baffled Coffee. This cute little coffee shop is relatively new and located on Fawcett Road which is SO much closer to me than other coffee shop locations in the past.

It’s got a great combination of a modern yet rustic look to it with various kinds of simple hanging lights and bench seats lining the walls with a mix of grey and white cushions, wooden tables, and various orange accents.

Baffled Coffee Shop Tourist
Baffled Coffee
Baffled Coffee Shop Tourist
Baffled Coffee

A creative blend of remixed tunes plays from the speakers in both seating areas, and the smell of coffee or delicious lunch treats creates the perfect writing environment (BEWARE: this makes you want to try literally every kind of food they make).

Baffled Coffee Shop Tourist
Rosalind and Viki came with me and we spent a large portion of our afternoon writing up blog posts and other projects.

Normally I can’t work with other people around, because I’m really easily distracted by conversations going on around me (another reason I stay in my room to work on projects usually), but in this case I was surprised to discover I had gotten a considerable amount of writing done.

As this was the first time that this had ever happened, I figured I should go back a few more times to make sure it wasn’t some kind of glitch in the Universe of Writing but it happened again! I was able to focus and get work done, write up a blog post or two, edit photos, AND I even figured out the name of a song I love that I’ve been trying to track down. I know right?! (The Ocean by Mike Perry feat. Shy Martin)

Their food and drinks are really good as well by the way. They have a lunch deal and a student lunch deal going on at the moment. I chose the standard lunch deal cause that one came with an extra side (woot woot!). I had a chorizo and mozzarella panini with a cinnamon bun + a caramel iced latte, and I must say it was one of the best lunches out I’ve had in a while. In fact, I’ve had the caramel iced latte several times now because it’s still pretty warm outside and it’s just as good each time.

Baffled Coffee Shop Tourist
Panini + Cinnamon Bun + Iced Latte

So yes, that is my new favorite coffee shop hang out spot. I’m not sure if I’m going to start carving time out of my schedule to go there consistently to write or not, but the few times I’ve been there were lovely so if I choose to leave my house to write this place is at the top of the list.

And like I said, their food is good and their drinks are good as well. SO even if you aren’t a writer I highly recommend stopping by even if it’s for a to-go coffee ‘cause yep those are pretty tasty too.


P.S. There’s another Coffee Shop Tourist post on it’s way. Theme: Ocean.

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