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Snapshot of Life

Hi there, it’s Madeleine.

I had a bit of an interesting morning yesterday, and just figured I’d write out what happened and my mini revelation here.

First: I forgot to supervise the coffee machine after I flipped it on, and as a result I looked up from my mountain of laundry to find a coffee mug overflowing with hot water and the remnants of the coffee pod at the bottom. (Silly me. I have to switch it OFF for it to stop.) So taking a break from sorting out all the laundry I ran around the kitchen switching the coffee machine off, moving the still overflowing coffee cup to the sink so the mess wouldn’t get worse, spilling the burning liquid on me TWICE, and grabbing anything I could reach to clean the mess up.

Second: As soon as I got that back to normal I felt a sharp pain in my right foot that I had felt the previous evening but ignored. Turns out upon further inspection I had a splinter in my foot (probably from insisting on walking around on wooden floors barefoot). After sinking to the floor with a lot of painful pinching I was finally able to remove the darn thing from my foot and it was amazing how instant the pain stopped.

Y’all it is so easy think that little tiny pains in life are going to go away automatically, like switching the coffee machine on and walking off thinking the perfect latte will appear a minute later, or walking around for two days with a little pain in your foot just hoping it’ll stop without actually investigating.

Here’s a little tip: INVESTIGATE IT.

Don’t wait for it all to just go away. Don’t settle for watered down coffees that’ve been making messes in your life. Bring them before Jesus and He will help you take care of them as kindly and gently as He can. Sometimes splinters need some pinching to get out but oh it is so so worth it when they’re gone.

I ended up making a fresh cup of coffee and I made sure to switch it off at the right time. The laundry did get finished and now I can’t even see the mark on my foot where the splinter was yesterday.

Take that Monday. 👑


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