Window seat decor with cushions

A Window Into Decorating a Student House

I arrived back in Portsmouth this past Wednesday! Woot woot! This means a long trip with planes, trains, and cars, and I’m still recovering from losing sleep, but this also means I get to return to a city I’ve come to love as well as the friends I’ve missed so much (if by any chance you want to know what NOT to do in an airport/on a plane then feel free to check out one of my previous posts 5 Airport Don’ts that I wrote about last January). This year, the first thing I did was move into a different student house with my friends Viki and Rosalind.

Once all three of us had arrived and caught up on life we began to get the house in order, starting with the lounge. And by getting it in order I mean rearranging all the furniture, adding lots of bright and pretty colors via flowers, candles, and fluffy blankets, along with everything that we could think of to help turn it into more of a home.

Student house lounge decor
Featuring the perfectly posing coffee cup

We are all a bit excited about the arrival of autumn and so most of the décor includes reds, golds, and oranges with perhaps some plum purples. Coffee cups loved modeling in the photos as well they are so photogenic (no, it’s not a pumpkin spice latte it’s a mix of coffee and vanilla and well magic obviously). There was music, laughing, and singing. We even managed to put the TV on its stand without assistance!

Once everything was in place we discovered that there was something in this year’s house that hadn’t been in our previous one, and therefore we had nothing to decorate it with.


It has such cute white curtains over the windows with thicker curtains to the sides that are more of a shimmery gold color.

One of the couches was originally in front of this window, but we decided to move it after we noticed that we could make it a window seat AND it has cupboards underneath it that we couldn’t use for extra storage if the couch was in the way.

So we ended up going to a few shops, and with some imagination (and help from Pinterest) we were able to make the window seat a super cozy and crazy cute place to sit AND it matches the rest of the décor we already had for the rest of the lounge.

Window seat decor with cushions
Cushions from Primark and Wilkinson’s

We found the cushions at both Primark and Wilkinson’s and underneath the brown throw is two bath mats to make it a bit more comfortable. Yay! Definitely afternoon well spent.

And I must say, Rosalind is much better at captioning photos than I am:

in the process of making our new house a home. a house that people can come and feel at home in. a safe place to be vulnerable and discuss life in. to laugh in and enjoy each other’s company in. most importantly a place where we’re in constant search of who He is – His love, His grace and His mercy. we’re thoroughly enjoying the whole process and can’t wait to invite everyone around 💗🍂🍁🍃• -live less out of habit and more out of intent- “Bondservants, obey your earthly masters with fear and trembling, with a sincere heart, as you would Christ, not by the way of eye-service, as people-pleasers, but as bondservants of Christ, doing the will of God from the heart, rendering service with a good will as to the Lord and not to man.” Ephesians 6:5-7 (ESV) – Ethereal Grace Magazine on Instagram

I encourage everyone to check out the Ethereal Grace Magazine she has started up here: Student house lounge decor

It is absolutely beautiful and she speaks so much truth!

The finished result of the lounge looks something like this, with the exception of the cushions on the couches. These are normally either a red or a light purple color but they are white in these photos because the cushion covers were the last things to be washed as we were freshening everything up, and they are still drying.

Student house lounge decor

Student house lounge decor
Featuring Viki’s painting!

Student house lounge decor

I also figured I’d let everyone know that I haven’t fallen down the stairs of this house yet, even though the steps are slippery and steep, and well it’s practically a ladder. When I arrived, I was also delighted to discover that there are glow in the dark stars on the ceiling of my bedroom. Yes, they are awesome and actually glow.

The house is a perfect fit for us and the perfect start to this September. I’m sensing lots of movie nights and hot chocolates in the nearby future.

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