Writing in Coffee Shops

Writing in Coffee Shops

I’m going to write a coffee shop tourist post today because I haven’t written one of those in a while. This photo was taken in a new Costa location by Portsmouth and Southsea station. It’s closer to my Tuesday morning lecture than the ones on Commercial Road, and I personally identify with Gilmore Girls at that time in the morning. Going to a coffee shop on a consistent basis for my lunch break in desperate need of coffee being the similarity I’m referring to.

I’ve gone consistently on Tuesdays for a few weeks now and I must say I’m a fan of the completely glass walls. I can see everyone walking by and if it’s raining the raindrops stick to the glass and it actually makes me want to write.

Now this isn’t to say that I write every time I’m there. Sometimes I get distracted by cute bags that look like they’re from Accessorize and I have to resist the want to go shop. Other times someone will be walking by with their dog and I’ll browse adorable golden retriever Instagram accounts for the next hour.

But that aside, when I’m not quite so easily distracted, I can get a surprising amount of writing done there. At first I didn’t think I’d really like writing surrounded by the hum of coffee machines and people dropping change as they pay for a panini and a cappuccino (oh wait that’s me), but I guess it’s just something I’ve gotten used to.

Anyway, all that to say, thank you Costa for a location a tiny bit closer to Guildhall, because on a cold, rainy day that makes all the difference. And okay I highly recommend the Ham and Cheese Panini. Best I’ve had in Portsmouth. Well done.

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