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Don’t Blink

Time. Sometimes I wish it would pass faster than it does. Like when I miss people or places and can’t wait to return to them. Or when I’m looking forward to something that will happen too far in advance, like moving into a new house later this fall. I just wish time would move quicker, so I can get to that point faster, see the people I miss now.

But there are also cases when I want time to slow down, like being on break for instance.
I enjoy my time off and don’t want to have to worry about deadlines coming up yet. I enjoy spending time with my best friend and family and want time to slow down significantly whenever I’m with them. Especially when those times come only a few times a year now.

If I’ve learned anything lately, it’s that time will be time.

Alice: How long is forever?

White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.

~Lewis Carrol

It will come and go as quickly or as slow that it wishes. And unfortunately there’s nothing I can do to change the way it chooses.

And as hard as it is I’ve been trying to avoid wanting it to be one way or the other. Fast or slow. Back to a happy memory or forward to a goal. Knowing a certain section of time is temporary often makes it even more valuable, and being forced to wait for a goal makes that more precious and eagerly anticipated as well.

But each moment in the present is just as valuable, even if you don’t realise in which way.

“For the Present is the point at which time touches eternity.”

~C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters

Every minute spent wishing it was a different way wastes it. And before you know it you can blink and suddenly days, months, or years have gone by and you can barely remember them.

Live in the now. Collect memories now. Stargaze now.

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