Traveling: The Day Of

Here are a few quick tips I’ve gathered from my own traveling adventures, these in particular make my day of traveling go as easily as possible:

1. Get up on time.

Of all the days to hit ‘snooze’ and go right back to sleep, this certainly is not one of them. When your alarm (which should definitely have been set the night before) goes off, get up. It’s as simple (and yes sometimes very difficult) as that. My flight out of London for going home over Christmas break last year happened to be at 12:00pm. Meaning I at latest had to get to the airport at 10am, and there was a 3 hour travel time to get there. When my alarm went off at 5:30am it seemed like I was getting up way too early, but I needed every bit of time that gave me to get out the door and if I had hit snooze even once my morning would have been a lot more stressful.

2. Check, double check, & triple check that you have the most important things.

Before you walk out the door, make sure you are 100% positive that the most important things are in your hands. For me these are my passport, my phone (with the charger easily accessible in my backpack), my keys, & my wallet. If I have these things, the worst thing that could then happen would be for me to forget my luggage. So just make sure you grab that as well. Without the basic important items, you might end up having to return and get them, causing unwanted delays and complications. With them you are already that much closer to getting there.

3. It is OKAY to get there early.

I like to think this is rather self-explanatory. If you happen to be ready to leave then go right ahead! It is much better to arrive at an airport ages in advance and have to wait a little while than to be rushing through and worried that you will miss your flight.

4. If you have movies available on the flight watch as many as you can.

This is especially great for longer flights. My 9 hour flight from London to Atlanta seemed less like a full 9 hours when I watched three movies back to back. I probably could have watched another one as well but decided to try to take a nap instead. And if you happen to be one of those incredibly talented individuals that can fall asleep on planes I congratulate you! That option is always better.

Hopefully these are helpful for your journey.
Good luck on your travels!

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