Traveling: 3 Packing Tips

Due to traveling quite a bit lately, I can now list a few things that have helped make that process go a lot smoother. Here are a few tips when it comes to packing:

1. Basics first.

Before you start going through clothes, accessories, gadgets, and miscellaneous items that you’ll want to bring you should first find the crucial items. These are the things you either won’t get very far without or are the absolute most important things to bring.

For me these are: Passport, phone (and charger!), keys, & wallet.

Even if all else were somehow to be forgotten or misplaced, if I have those four things I can get where I need to go. Decide what these are for you and put them all where you will not forget them.
For me, I make sure my desk is completely clear and put them right in the middle where I can see them. This way it makes it almost impossible for me to walk out of my room without them.

2. Light is key.

Now when it comes time to pack the main portion of the trip it’s important to keep various aspects in mind. For example: What the weather is like where you are going, how long you are planning on staying there, and the sorts of things you’ll be doing while you’re there. But another aspect that deserves some careful consideration is weight. When a long day of traveling is well underway, every pound you could leave out of the bags you have to carry around airports and between trains you will be grateful for. Trust me. Nothing makes a long travel day harder than baggage that’s heavy and hurting already stiff muscles from long flights. Bring as little as possible. For me personally I have never used every single thing I brought with me. Ever. There has always been some sort of extra thing I thought I would need when I really didn’t. Choose what to bring wisely. Your arms and back will thank you for it later.

3. Practical wins every time.

To accomplish this, sometimes it comes down to choosing between the bright blue jacket and the black one. And for that the only thing that I can say is that practical should win every time. Black can go with pretty much anything and neon blue can not, so choose outfits accordingly and you’ll find you’ve saved much more space in your bag and packed efficiently.

Good luck on your travels!

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