Red Sneakers

Color: Strawberry, Raspberry, & Cranberry

Today was a ‘Berry’ day in terms of color on the side of the spectrum that makes up pretty shades of pink and red. This is specifically referring to what I happened to be wearing and/or accessories I got, and I didn’t realize they were all so similar until later.

Now I should put this into perspective a bit. First I would say I’m normally not a pink person at all, and if I make an exception it’s because it is a faint shade like a pastel pink. If I had to pick a side with the colors, blues and purples would win every time. But today everything was bright, bold, and berry.

Secondly, I had just turned in four different assignments after a weekend of crazy work to get them turned in on time, so the stress for all that was finally gone.

And third, it was sunny for the first time after days of rain and the wind died down a little, allowing the air to be almost warm enough to go outside without a coat. So I believe it was this combination of things that sparked such an out of the ordinary mood, where I transferred over to the red and pink side of the color world.


I have pinkish red converse that also happen to be sparkly, and today they were the obvious choice. I really should wear them more often. I have no clue why I don’t. They’re just fun and glitter is always a good idea.


I managed to buy a nail polish on impulse that was almost fully red but not quite, still fitting into the pink category a little. It reminded me of raspberries in general almost immediately, which I always connect with the summer season. So then I wanted it to be summer and almost bought some ice cream on impulse as well, but I figured that’d be a bit much. Too many spontaneous purchases can be not the greatest of ideas. However I did settle for a smoothie a bit later in the afternoon. Shhh. Don’t tell.


This was today’s winning lipstick shade. My favorite shade. I’ve actually tried to get into the habit of automatically putting some on before I leave for my classes, just because I can. So yes, I personally am a fan of combining lipstick with the converse look. It just works for Berry days, and well, most others too.

Now add in a black leather jacket, black jeans, and sunglasses. Yes. It was just an “I’m secretly ruling the world” type day.

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