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Humanity…Not Today

I really enjoy a nice warm cup of tea in the evenings now (I blame England). And because of this, one thing after another has led me to discover I am a very easily distracted person as well as the fact that I just avoid humanity sometimes.

Allow me to explain.

As I have just said, I thoroughly enjoy a nice warm cup of tea in the evenings. I’ll walk down the corridor to where the kitchen is on this floor of my hall, put the kettle on, and bring back a cup of hot water which I’ll then put whatever choice of tea into. The problem is at that point it is too hot to drink, so I will set it on my desk and wait for it to cool down. While waiting, I’ll find something else to do which usually ends up being either reading or getting additional writing ideas off Pinterest (extremely helpful by the way, I highly recommend it). This can go on for at least an hour if not more before I remember the tea I had gotten earlier, which is still sitting on the desk, untouched and now very cold. But by then I’m comfortably in my pjs and want to stay in my room for the remainder of the evening, having no wish whatsoever to venture out of my room and get back to the kitchen to microwave the tea. And this is for mainly one reason.


If I don’t hear anyone out in the hallway I might consider it. And several times have made it to the microwave and back without encountering anyone. Success! (However the tea is hot again at that point and must be set aside to cool down about again, which then runs the risk of the entire process happening again. Yes I say this because it has happened.)

On the other hand, if I hear voices in the hallway that will usually make the decision for me. Cold tea is suddenly tolerable after all. Why is this the case? Because sometimes I just don’t want anyone’s company (regardless of how brief), even if it’s for no particular reason. Sometimes it’s just for the evening. Other times it can be a whole day. Yes I am an introvert, and I’m completely fine with that. I’m just a rather shy person, and if it’s the type of evening when I just want to be relaxed, comfortable, and enjoy a cup of tea as I read or write for a while, then having to leave my “mind palace” and interact with other people kind of messes up the rhythm of that happy solitary mood.

Hopefully this doesn’t come across too negatively. I have no problem with individuals in particular. In fact I have found this observation rather humorous. The length I will go to sometimes to avoid people on any given day almost makes me laugh. Something like, ‘Oops. Um, sorry I’ve got to go be anti-social now. Cause at the moment my book is better. No offense. :)’

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