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Forget Me Not

For some reason I have never known the name of my favourite flower. Weird, I know. It’s come up before over the years, when someone will ask what my favourite is and I’d have to say I didn’t know. And after said conversation I would always resolve to look it up online as soon as possible so that this question could be resolved. However that never happened. I always forgot. And this cycle would repeat over and over.

Until today. I happened to see a picture online and went ‘That’s it! That one. I like that one.’ And the caption helped me out a bit.

Apparently, my favourite flowers are forget-me-nots.

They are so simple and pretty, and the fact that they come in blue is probably what I like about them the most. They come in whites, purples, and pinks as well but so do so many other types of flowers. And while my favourite colour is technically purple, blue is a close second and I tend to automatically favor the more blue or indigo flowers simply because I really just don’t see the colour blue for them very often.

So while that was just a small discovery for today I am pleased to say that I now know the name of my favourite flower. It’s the little things really.

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