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What Is Love?

I have to admit, sometimes the state of the hearts and minds around me in the world discourages me. A few weeks ago we were doing an exercise in our script writing class about themes. It was close to the deadline for our submission and we had to go around and summarize our project in …

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5 Airport Don’ts

Traveling can be an absolutely amazing experience or a terrible one, and a lot of that depends on the unspoken code of etiquette travelers do or don’t follow. Everyone is all too aware that some are seemingly oblivious to these courtesies. Not to be a downer here, but just thought I’d pose this as a …

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Rainy Day

On A Rainy Morning…

It’s one of those rainy days. The good ones. Like the ones when I was younger where I would stay in my room and find my copy of Inkheart by Cornelia Funke to read for hours and hours. I’m not sure why, but it was always my rainy day go-to book. I think it was …

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Smells Like Chocolate

So I might have a slight notebook addiction. I guess this could be assumed since I’m doing a Creative Writing degree, but I’m in my second year and I still haven’t taken my laptop to a lecture or seminar once. I always handwrite everything in a notebook first. I just really like the motion of …

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Don’t Blink

Time. Sometimes I wish it would pass faster than it does. Like when I miss people or places and can’t wait to return to them. Or when I’m looking forward to something that will happen too far in advance, like moving into a new house later this fall. I just wish time would move quicker, …

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Currently I’m… Reading: Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge Next on my list will be Nameless by Lili St. Crow Previously on my list was I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak

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Because It Was Wednesday

So I’d been back home in North Carolina for a few days when I finally did it. The idea of coloring my hair had been in the back of my mind for maybe a few years now and that fact had started to bug me a little. Why couldn’t I just do it?


Traveling: The Day Of

Here are a few quick tips I’ve gathered from my own traveling adventures, these in particular make my day of traveling go as easily as possible: 1. Get up on time. Of all the days to hit ‘snooze’ and go right back to sleep, this certainly is not one of them.


Traveling: 3 Prep Tips

After traveling very recently to come back home for spring break, I thought I would list my top 3 tips concerning international travel preparation. This runs parallel to the post I did recently about packing specifically.


Traveling: 3 Packing Tips

Due to traveling quite a bit lately, I can now list a few things that have helped make that process go a lot smoother. Here are a few tips when it comes to packing: 1. Basics first. Before you start going through clothes, accessories, gadgets, and miscellaneous items