50 Things That Make Me Smile (Even On Sad Days)

50 Things That Make Me Smile (Even On Sad Days)

In case y’all didn’t know, I love making lists. I keep a bullet journal in my purse almost at all times in case I ever have the need to jot something down like a story idea, a good character name I came across at the grocery store, or a list I made in the middle of a coffee shop over a latte and a chocolate croissant.

After realizing it had been a few weeks since I’ve published one of these said lists, I figured I’d type one up today. So without further ado, here is a list of 50 thingamajigs that have the power to put a smile on my face, even when my day isn’t going so great.

˃      Fairy lights

˃      Thick paperbacks with floppy pages

˃      Notebooks stuffed so full they don’t shut properly

˃      Dancing in the kitchen

˃      Singing at the top of my lungs in the car

˃      Laughing without knowing why

˃      Puppies who can’t stay upright on hard wood floors

puppies who can't stay upright on slippery floors

˃      Misty mornings on the porch with fluffy blankets

˃      Friends on the same side of the ocean as me

˃      People who smile when it’s raining

˃      Frozen raspberries

frozen raspberries

˃      People who feel comfortable enough around me to make silly faces

˃      Finding encouraging notes left by people

˃      When the bugs go to sleep and let me have winter and autumn in peace

˃      Drinking cold chocolate milk from a fancy glass

˃      Kindness

˃      Blue flowers

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˃      Mini M&Ms

˃      Finding new music

˃      The first sip of coffee in the morning

˃      Driving at night

˃      Stamps in my passport


˃      Waves mixing with sand at the tips of my toes

˃      Sunsets on the beach

˃      Sunrise in the car

˃      Pastel sharpies

˃      Having long hair

˃      Sweaters that are too big

white sweater the salt compass blog madeleine hagan lifestyle

˃      Handwritten letters

˃      Flip flop tan lines

˃      Painting

˃      Non-frizzy braids

˃      Kisses for no reason

˃      Gel nails

˃      Fairy tales

˃      The way lights are reflected on wet pavement at night

˃      When friends play with my hair

˃      Jeans that fit just right

˃      Sending/receiving mail

snail mail
Image: The Odyssey Online

˃      Polaroid photos

˃      Super old couples that still hold hands

˃      Cuddles after bad dreams

˃      People who are confident without being arrogant

˃      Breakfast at any time of the day

˃      Reading in coffee shops while it’s raining

coffee shop the salt compass madeleine hagan

˃      Trying new tea

˃      Losing track of time in libraries

˃      Freshly cleaned bedsheets

˃      The way my hair feels when it has conditioner in it


Let me know if there are any I forgot that make YOU smile.

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